Headshot? Why do I need one?

Headshot: noun
photograph of someone’s face, especially a promotional photograph of a model, actor, or author.

The art of the headshot is important to Kirin Wilson. She is an actress and regularly updates her headshots for acting auditions. Changes in hair color or a new haircut, call for new headshots. Opportunities for different roles call for new headshots. To an actor, the headshot is everything.

But I’m not an actor!

“Why do I need a headshot? I’m not an actor.” Not that long ago, the only people who really used headshot portraits were entertainers and celebrities. Today, however, almost everyone uses them. In the age of social media a good headshot is a must. We use them as “profile” pictures on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. We use them on dating sites. We attach them to online resumes.

I’ll just use my phone for my headshot.

Most headshots you see are “selfies”. Thank you, cell phone cameras, for making us look like we have big noses and extra-large foreheads. A headshot should tell the viewer who we are, not just what we look like. You can settle for a “selfie” and be like everyone else. A better option is to rise above the crowd and have a professional create the perfect image of who you are. Not only will a professionally done image make you look like a professional yourself but it might also get you that dream date you’ve been hoping for from Plenty of Fish or Match.com or even a better paying job.

But I am unique!

Nothing says that headshots have to be cookie cutter. Working with a professional photographer will make it easier to let your personality shine, while ensuring a quality image that will make the exact impression for which you are striving.

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