Damn Skippy recently contracted with us to do some promo shots done for their upcoming website launch. These guys will do ANYTHING to get the shot! If you get the chance, this is a band that you really need to see live. It’s a show you’ll never forget! They cover everything fun that you ever rocked out to from the 80s including Guns and Roses, Metallica, Poison, and even…. Journey.

Headshots of the Band

First we brought the guys into the studio for some individual shots. They each have such amazing personalities that it was a blast to get them in front of the camera and let them shine!

Damn Skippy - Robb Todd - Band Promo Photos

Robb Todd – Bass, Vocals

Damn Skippy - Andrew Stubbs - Band Promo Photos

Stubbs – Guitar, Vocals

Damn Skippy - Mark Nash - Band Promo Photos

Mark Nash – Guitar

Damn Skippy - Kyle Netherland - Band Promo Photos

Kyle Netherland – Drums

Damn Skippy - Chauncey - Band Promo Photos

Chauncey – Lead Vocals


Around Town

12605378_10206764049194125_1129547730543536468_o (2)

Then we took the party on the road for some location shots. We spent some time downtown in Columbus, GA looking for just the right images. The sunset from the top of this parking garage was perfect…even if it was really cold! In the end, everyone had a blast and we can’t wait to see the 8’x8′ banner that was made out of this image!

You’ll be able to see it on Valentine’s Day when they take the stage and rock out The Sports Page in Columbus. Bring your sweetie…or find one at the show!






12640227_10206782206608049_617731212637022867_o  12628472_10206782206008034_819887834352439145_o


Just when we thought we were done and about to walk away… this happened. We couldn’t resist this shot of the guys in front of this beautiful church steeple in downtown Columbus, GA.



Did we have a good time on this shoot? Yes we did! Will we do it again? Damn Skippy we will! #skippified

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